Monday, October 25, 2010

Zombies Flood Bemidji to Build Community

When word spread around Northern Community Radio that Lara Gerhardson and Mike Bredon were planning to close a street in downtown Bemidji to shoot a mass zombie scene for their film Lazarus at the same time KBXE was planning to host a Zombie Crawl in downtown Bemidji, we knew it was going to be a very cool thing. We joined forces and yeah, it was. Check out pix in our photo album.

On Sat. Oct 23rd 2010, hundreds of zombies gathered for the Lazarus film shoot on Beltrami Avenue NW and for 2 hours we dragged ourselves through the streets, mobbed a truck and had a lot of fun. Everyone involved was very happy to be there and from the film crew & producers to the security and zombies, it was all smiles between takes. The zombies ranged from young kids to grandparents.

Director Mike Bredon said that the shooting went excellent before climbing into the truck for one last mass-mob shot. "You guys have been amazing and thank you so much for being here." Local producer Gary Burger said that he was impressed by the seriousness of the the zombie participants, "I didn't see anyone goofing off at a camera, or smiling and laughing out of character. No horsing around or interrupting, just serious zombies. And that makes it so much easier for us."

Immediately following the filming was the KBXE Zombie Crawl which lead many of the undead all around Bemidji for coffee and drink specials and a little guerrilla theater (video coming soon :D). Chants of "What do we want? BRAINS! When do you want them? BRAINS!" could be heard throughout the night, and Rob Zombie's "Living Dead Girl" was played on multiple jukeboxes. The mob got bigger as the they crawled on and Brigid's Cross was packed with Zombies for live music to rock out the night.

"It's great seeing so many young people at a community radio event" said KBXE producer Doug MacRostie, "I think the zombie's helped a lot." The Zombie Crawl was to support Northern Community Radio's new station, KBXE. When it is built, KBXE will provide a new and powerful signal to people who live near Bemidji and Bagley.

Please contact us if you would like to help build KBXE!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Zombies Spotted in Bemidji!!!!!!!!!

One Night, Two Events, Lots of Zombies!
On Sat. the 23rd of October we'll be flooding Bemidji with Zombies - you can be part of a Zombie Film, and/or our Zombie Crawl:

Be in Lazarus - a Zombie Movie set in Bemidji
Have you ever wanted to BE in a Zombie Movie - now is your chance! Lara Gerhardson and Mike Bredon have been working on a full-length feature film called Lazarus. It's set in Bemidji and is the story of two brothers coming to terms at the end of the world. They have a big Zombie mob scene and we need YOU to be there. They are closing Beltrami Avenue in front of Brigid's on Sat. the 23rd from 5p-7p to do a multi-angle shoot of lot...s of zombies flooding the street. Bring all your friends! Meet at the parking lot behind Brigid's Cross. Wear old raggedy clothes and be ready to act like an old-school, slow moving zombie. If you can be ready to go with costume and make-up, be there by 4:30 to be part of the scene. If you need help with make-up, then be there by 4. Filming will start around 5, after some preliminaries and training. This is going to be a lot of fun and I hope you can be a part of it. If you would be interested in helping as a make-up artist, please let us know! This film shoot will be followed by the KBXE Zombie Crawl around downtown Bemidji. RSVP on Facebook.

KBXE Zombie Crawl
Join 90.5 KBXE for an evening of cavorting and fun for our Bemidji Zombie Crawl!!! On Saturday, Oct 23rd we'll be gathering at the parking lot behind Brigid's Cross Irish pub to start the crawl at 7pm, arrive early to be part of the group! Show up in your best zombie clothes and make-up! There will be make-up artists at the parking lot behind Brigid's if you need help with that - be sure to arrive early then - maybe around 6:30.... The route will take us to 209 at 7pm, Blue Ox at 7:30, Backyard BBQ at 8, Keg N' Cork at 8:30 then finish the night off with a party and live music at Brigid's Cross Irish Pub at 9. There will be a drink special happening from 7-9p at the Cabin Coffee House too! There will be drink specials at each bar for anyone dressed as a zombie AND wearing a KBXE sticker or button (which we will have available). And we'll probably plan a few "mobbing" moments as we travel from bar to bar (more details will be given the day of ;) RSVP on Facebook.

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