Monday, August 16, 2010

Clearwater County Fair Photos

90.5 KBXE was at the Clearwater County Fair in Bagley from Thursday August 5th through Sunday August 8th. Check out more pix here. Many local musicians performed at the KBXE booth including Lance Benson with Steve Ross and Mark Bauer, The Brothers Burn Mountain, Drew Warne-Jacobson & Friends, Aaron Tank, Eric Carlson, Miriam Tell and Katie Corning. Plus we had drawings for CD packages, KBXE stickers and more info on this soon-to-be-built radio station from Northern Community Radio.

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Friday, August 6, 2010

KBXE's Clearwater County Fair Kickoff

by Doug MacRostie

When we arrived to set up and the Clearwater County Fair yesterday, some other radio station was in our spot (and we had rented the BEST spot). This was quickly resolved and didn't seem to be too big of a deal to anyone. But still, for our first event IN Bagley, we bumped out a different radio station..., "Hi, here comes KBXE" ;). A sign of things to come? lol.

Right away we had issues tying knots to hang weights for the booth, a new thing we hadn't tried before. After one knot untied unexpectedly, we inquired at the booth of Cub Scout Pack 53 of Bagley to see if anyone could help us. Josh and Sam came over and saved the day! As they were working on the knots and we were chatting about this new station we're building, we found out that Josh actually already listens to KAXE, streaming on his smart phone! (KAXE isn't available on-air in Bagley...hence, KBXE is on the way). We didn't even have everything set up yet, and right away we had someone signing up for more info and volunteering help for the station. The perfect start for the fair - not to mention the Cub Scout booth was covered in KBXE stickers all day after that :)

When we were set up and ready to go, we could hear the Country Oldtime Tuners performing on the Pine Stage behind us. A duo with a guest, they had two guitars, vocals and accordion playing traditional country and gospel music. The Pine stage is a nice shady area, with an artificial pond and benches. One thing is for sure, the Clearwater County Fair has a great atmosphere! We forgot to bring our extension cords so we didn't have any music playing, and the red light on the tower wasn't flashing. That is all fixed starting today - so if you stopped by yesterday, you have to come out again to see the full effect (not to mention the live music).

Today's live music at the KBXE Booth will be performed by Eric Carlson at 4pm and Aaron Tank at 6pm. Tomorrow (Saturday) is our "big day" of music, with multi-piece bands including drum kits. A lot of people said they would be back tonight (Friday) to see Lance Benson at 6pm - check out the full schedule at and stop out and say HI!

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