Friday, July 30, 2010

KBXE Brings Local Bands to Clearwater County Fair

90.5 KBXE will be at the Clearwater County Fair in Bagley from Thursday August 5th through Sunday August 8th. Many local musicians will be stopping by to perform at the KBXE booth including Lance Benson with Steve Ross and Mark Bauer, The Brothers Burn Mountain, Drew Warne-Jacobson & Friends, Aaron Tank and Eric Carlson. Plus we’ll have drawings for CD packages, KBXE stickers and more info on this soon-to-be-built radio station from Northern Community Radio.

Performer Schedule
Friday August 6th:
4pm: Eric Carlson
6pm: Aaron Tank

Saturday August 7th:
2pm: Drew Warne-Jacobson and Friends
4pm: The Brothers Burn Mountain
6pm: Lance Benson with Steve Ross and Mark Bauer

Sunday August 8th:
2pm: Miriam Tell
4pm: Katie Corning

What is KBXE?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

We Came, We Flash Mobbed, We Left

So wow, the KBXE Paul Bunyan Flash Mob was a HUGE success. With over 50 people coming together dressed as Paul Bunyan, a lot of smiles and double-takes at Art in the Park, and a video that has over 1,300 views in the first week it was an eye-catching event, and a lot of fun. Not sure what I'm talking about? The Video is at the bottom of this blog.

The video and story of the KBXE Paul Bunyan Flash Mob was picked up around the internet including The World News Network (see screen shot), Minnesota Brown, MinnPost, ICTV, the FlickrRiver, it was the most popular story on Northern Community Internet, the National Federation of Community Broadcasters, Strong Towns Blog, Roy C. Booth's Myspace page, and many other content repeaters :) Not to mention the people who watched on the Bemidji Chamber of Commerce Paul & Babe webcam :) There was also a clear impact on the KBXE Facebook page; compared to the previous week, our monthly active users was up 141.3%, total fans up +13.9%, interactions up 722.2%, and overall page views up 123.5%.

If you can think of anyone or anyone else who should cover this story, feel free to encourage them to do so ;) Will we do another Flash Mob? Join the Publicity Committee to find out :D

This was the latest event from the KBXE Publicity Committee, a group of volunteers working to raise public awareness and build support for 90.5 KBXE - a new independent community radio station that will serve Bagley, Bemidji and beyond. Please contact us if you would like to get involved the the Publicity Committee (email Sarah MacRostie,, or any of the other ways you can help - call Northern Community Radio at 800-662-5799.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The KBXE Paul Bunyan Flash Mob

It was a beautiful day in downtown Bemidji. The sun was shining and people were enjoying Art in Park when a Paul Bunyan walked by. What? A Paul Bunyan? There's another! And three more! They're everywhere, what's going on here?

It was Northern Minnesota's first ever flash mob, courtesy of 90.5 KBXE. On Sunday, July 18th 2010, a group of over 50 people gathered at Diamond Point Park in Bemidji for pizza and planning. Then the group set off for the Lake Bemidji Waterfront, dressed in red and black flannel shirts, blue jeans (rolled up of course), a painted mustache and a dark knit cap. The group slowly trickled through Art in the Park, turning a lot of heads and getting even more smiles. The Mobbers then drifted to the Paul and Babe statue, where they froze one at a time. What started as a couple of frozen Paul Bunyan's grew into dozens and people stopped to watch and take pictures while passing cars honked their horns.
Members of the Flash Mob ranged in age from 88 to 1, or "older than the Paul Bunyan statue to younger than it's latest paint job." There was even a Paul Bunyan on a bicycle, and families of Paul Bunyans.

After remaining frozen as a group - they suddenly turned away from the statue and pulled open their flannel shirts to reveal KBXE Bumper Stickers to a cheer from the gathered crowd.
The KBXE Paul Bunyan Flash Mob was conducted by the Publicity Committee of KBXE - a soon-to-be-built independent community radio station that will serve Bagley, Bemidji, Fosston, Gonvick, Clearbrook, Debs, Erskine, Zerkel and beyond. Lead organizer Sarah MacRostie said, "KBXE’s publicity committee has been working hard to raise awareness in area communities in creative ways - from a phenology walk in Clearbrook to being in the Debs 4th of July parade. Getting members from the community to perform guerrilla theater in the form of a Paul Bunyan Flash Mob seemed like a perfect fit for the First City of the Arts, and a great way to get peoples' attention."

90.5 KBXE has to be broadcasting by March of 2012, and you can help make it happen! Contact us if you'd like more information or would like to join one of the committees working on this project. KBXE is being built by Northern Community Radio, whose mission is to "Build Community in Northern Minnesota through radio broadcasts, cultural events and interactive media." Northern Community Radio operates 91.7 KAXE, which is celebrating over 34 years of independent community radio with studios in Grand Rapids, and translators at 89.9 in Brainerd and 105.3 in Bemidji. KBXE is being pursued as a way to preserve community radio for that region.
More info:

The KBXE Publicity Committee

Jamie Hall

Jeremy Anway

Papa Murphy's Pizza, Bemidji

And of course, all you Mobbers :D

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Press Leak: KBXE Flash Mob

ATTENTION: Group of Volunteers Plan “Flash” Event for Bemidji’s Art in the Park

On Sunday, July 18th, during Art in the Park in downtown Bemidji, something amazing is going to happen. That something will start at 1pm and last for a matter of minutes, gathering at the Paul and Babe statue. And it’s something you should cover. Have your cameras pointed & reporters posted for Northern MN’s first ever Flash Mob, courtesy of KBXE.

At first you’ll see one or two…, then there will be one or two more…, and three more after that…and then more… what is it? Be there to find out!

Think of it as community guerrilla theater by volunteers of 90.5 KBXE, a soon to be built community radio station serving Bagley, Bemidji, Fosston, Gonvick, Clearbrook, Debs, Erskine, Zerkel and beyond.

This information is embargoed until culmination of the event on July 18th and should not be announced in advance. Contact me if you have any questions.

Thanks and see ya there,

Doug MacRostie
Northern Community Radio
260 NE 2nd St
Grand Rapids MN 55744

91.7 KAXE
90.5 KBXE

P.S. If you want to be involved with this event, get in touch with KBXE Publicity Committee by contacting Sarah MacRostie at